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GEL Cell Batteries

AGM VS Gel Cell Battery.

You were probably supplied with an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) when you originally bought your trolley. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is really designed as a general purpose battery, but the ones used for golf have thicker plates and are capable of deep cycle use. It is also the cheapest golf battery type and should last for about 300 cycles. However, technology moves on and our very latest AGMs are approaching Gel standards and will allow in excess of 300 cycles and 70% discharge. See our Yuasa YPC range.
The Gel golf trolley battery is robust and is capable of living with harsh operating environments and should last for over 350 cycles. It is also proven to last well in golf applications. See our Ansheng range of Gel Cell batteries

We don’t mind which you buy as both products we supply will serve you well, but we will continue to give you a choice whenever possible.